Опубликовано обращение с просьбой о помощи тяжко болящему учашемуся нашей Свято-Троицкой Духовной Семинарии в Джорданвилле (США).


Please Support Seminarian Jorge Luque Martin in His Cancer Battle on GoFundMe.

Jorge Luque Martin, our 2nd year seminarian from Spain, is dealing with an aggressive form of cancer. Please consider donating by following this link to his GoFundMe page.

Jorge came from Spain 2 years ago to study for the priesthood at Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary in Jordanville, New York. After two months there, he began suffering intense headaches and double vision with added blurriness. To ease the pain, he could only find rest and sleep by sitting upright on a couch in the lounge of his dorm. After 2 weeks, the abbot insisted he go to the hospital. When it was clear to the nurses that he was having trouble filling out the intake forms, since he was not able to write his name due to the double vision, a mass in his brain was immediately suspected.