St. Herman’s youth conference

10 December 2010


To All the Reverend Rectors of the Montreal & Canadian Diocese


This year, the St Herman’s Youth conference will be held, with God’s help, at the Holy Trinity Monastery, Jordanville, USA. The St Herman’s youth conference is now in it’s 30th year and continues it’s mission to provide a rare opportunity for all of our Orthodox youth to meet together, to become acquainted, to participate in group discussions and to listen to lectures of a purely Orthodox character, and finally and most importantly, to prepare for and receive communion of the Holy Mysteries of Christ on the feastday of St Herman, 12/25 December.

In connection with this, I urgently request that all the reverend rectors take up a special collection on Sunday, December 6/19 of this year in our parishes at the end of the Divine Liturgy to help defray the costs of organizing this conference. I would also ask that this be announced from the amvon prior to the collection taking place.

The St Herman’s committee which is undertaking the organization of the conference is working very hard to contain the costs of attending these conference to a minimum. As always, the outlays for food and lodging are the highest. For this reason we are appealing to each parish to make this conference accessible to as many of our Orthodox youth as possible.

The funds collected will help to cover the expenses of the conference and will also be used to make it possible for the St Herman’s organizing committee to assist young people from families of limited means.

You may ask why support a conference in the USA when we have our own Canadian needs? To this I will answer, last year when the conference was in Montreal we received most of our support from the USA parishes. We need to contribute generously to help as many of our Canadian youth to attend the conference this year.

I thank you in advance for your support. Please do not forget that our youth is our future. We must support it!

Please send cheques to:
St. Herman’s Youth Conference
c/o Rev. George Lagodich
6738 32 Ave
Montreal, QC H1T 3C9


Bishop of Montreal and Canada

November 22/December 5, 2010