• Holy Trinity Day – Visit of Archbishop Gabriel to Holy Trinity Church, Toronto, ON

    31 May 2018

  • Visit of Archbishop Gabriel to Vancouver, BC.

    24 May 2018

    Vancouver, 2018
  • Please Support Seminarian Jorge Luque Martin in His Cancer Battle on GoFundMe.

    9 May 2018

    Please Support Seminarian Jorge Luque Martin in His Cancer Battle on GoFundMe.

    Jorge Luque Martin, our 2nd year seminarian from Spain, is dealing with an aggressive form of cancer. Please consider donating by following this link to his GoFundMe page.

    Jorge came from Spain 2 years ago to study for the priesthood at Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary in Jordanville, New York. After two months there, he began suffering intense headaches and double vision with added blurriness. To ease the pain, he could only find rest and sleep by sitting upright on a couch in the lounge of his dorm. After 2 weeks, the abbot insisted he go to the hospital. When it was clear to the nurses that he was having trouble filling out the intake forms, since he was not able to write his name due to the double vision, a mass in his brain was immediately suspected.

  • Visit of Archbishop Gabriel to Winnipeg, MB.

    24 April 2018

    Winnipeg 2018
  • Bright Saturday at St.Nicholas church, Montreal. 2018

    16 April 2018

    Bright Saturday in Montreal 2018
  • Paschal Epistle of His Eminence Gabriel, Archbishop of Montreal & Canada. 2018

    5 April 2018

    Paschal Epistle
    To the clergy and the entire God-preserved flock of the Canadian Diocese

    Beloved brothers and sisters,

    Christ is Risen!

    The Grace-filled Day of the Resurrection of Christ, the Feast of Lord’s Pascha, is the most joyous and festive of all the feasts that Our Lord has given to His Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. We can see, as with our own eyes, how the words of the Easter canon are coming to life: “This is the day of the Resurrection, let us shine with the light of the Feast, and embrace one another. Let us say brethren also to those who hate us; let us forgive all in the Resurrection…” Our ever-memorable First Hierarch Metropolitan Vitaly used to say: “We should feel special gratitude to God for belonging to the Orthodox Church, since it is only us, Her children, who can experience the Paschal Joy in full”. This very joy, the harbinger of the everlasting joy in the Kingdom of Heaven, was prepared for us by our Lord through His Resurrection. This feeling, the foretaste of the eternal joy, filled the hearts of the Holy Apostles, Martyrs, and Royal Passion-Bearers Tsar Nicholas, Tsarina Alexandra and their family. Their Way of the Cross began in April 2018, exactly 100 years ago. That year Easter was late: 22 April / 5 May; the Tsar, Tsarina and Grand Duchess Mary were taken from Tobolsk to Ekaterinburg on Lazarus Saturday eve, 13/26 April. Their letters and diaries leave no doubt: the Imperial Family have put their own destiny into God’s hand. One gets a feeling that they have received an assurance of victory over inner strife and conflict. This assurance is a sign of spiritual wholeness, which every one of us the Orthodox, Russian Orthodox people, whether living at home or scattered abroad, needs. As St John Chrysostom says in his Paschal Homily, read at the end of Easter Matins: “All of you enjoy the feast of faith; all of you receive the riches of his goodness!”

    Truly He is Risen!

    Archbishop of Montreal and Canada
    Pascha, 2018

  • Directive.

    29 March 2018