• Pastoral Retreat & Assembly Of the Priests & Clergy of the Diocese of Montréal & Canada March, Second and Third Days, 2018

    9 March 2018

    The Great-Lenten Pastoral Retreat of the Canadian Diocese concludes

    The Great-Lenten Pastoral Retreat of the Canadian Diocese was held on March 5-7, 2018, at the Church of the Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God in Jackson Point, ON. This is the world-renowned Russian settlement called “Beryozki” (birch trees), a picturesque region north of Toronto.

  • Information about Pastoral Retreat of the Diocese of Montréal & Canada on Patriarchate’s web site.

    9 March 2018

  • Pastoral Retreat & Assembly Of the Priests & Clergy of the Diocese of Montréal & Canada March, Second and Third Days, 2018

    8 March 2018

  • Pastoral Retreat & Assembly Of the Priests & Clergy of the Diocese of Montréal & Canada March, 2018

    6 March 2018

  • The Meeting of Our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ.

    13 February 2018

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  • February 4/22 – Synaxis of the New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia.

    2 February 2018

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  • Pilgrimage to the Holy Places of Russia.2018

    2 February 2018

    With the blessing of His Grace Archbishop Gabriel, God willing, a pilgrimage will be organized to the Holy Shrines of Moscow, Holy Trinity Sergius Lavra, New-Jerusalem Monastery, Zvenigorod, Borodino, Viazma, Smolensk, Pskovo-Pechersky Monastery, Novgorod,
    Pushkin’s grave site and St. Petersburg. 28 April to May 12, 2018.
    Accompanied by Rev. Vladimir Malchenko.

    28 April, Saturday Departure from Toronto
    29 April, Sunday Arrival in Moscow. Check in to the Hotel of Pokrov Convent where the Holy Relics of St. Matrona are located.
    30 April, Monday The many holy churches and monasteries of Moscow. Tour the Kremlin. Visit the newly renovated Novo-Jerusalem Monastery and St. Savva Storozhevsky Monastery in Zvenigorod. Overnight in Prokrov Hotel.
    1 May. Tuesday Visit the spiritual capital of the Russian Orthodox Church the Holy Trinity St. Sergius Lavra, the Chernigov Skite. Tretiakov Art Gallery and veneration of the Miracle Icon of Vladimirskaya Mother of God.
    Overnight in the Pokrov Convent Hotel.
    2 May. Wednesday Night Liturgy in the Pokrov Convent celebrating the sacred memory of St. Matrona of Moscow. Travel to the Borodino battle grounds where Napoleon fought the Russian armies. Visit the famous Borodino Convent founded by the widow of the famous Russian general killed in the battle. Travel to the ancient Russian city of Viazma. Overnight in Viazma.
    3 May. Thursday Visit the holy Churches of Viazma with its Monastery that has one of the most beautiful tent style ancient churches in Russia. Travel to Smolensk. Overnight in the beautiful city of Smolensk.
    4 May. Friday Visit and pray at the famous 18 century Assumption Cathedral of Smolensk with its miracle icon of Our Lady of Smolensk. Visit the three 12 century ancient churches of Smolensk and Monasteries of this ancient city. Smolensk boasts of the longest fortress walls in all of Russia.
    5 May. Saturday Travel to Pushkinogor’e with the grave site of A.S. Pushkin in a beautiful Monastery. Lunch in the city of Ostrov (Pskov Province) with a possible visit to the convent in Ostrov. View the first suspension bridge in Russia. Overnight in a hotel close to the Pskovo-Pechersky Monastery. Evening Service in the Monastery.
    6 May. Sunday Liturgy in the Pskovo-Pechersky Monastery and tour of this monastery that was never closed during the Soviet times. Visit the ancient city of Pskov with its Kremlin and many churches and monasteries. Evening service in the Pskovo-Pechersky Monastery.
    7 May. Monday Liturgy in the Pskovo-Pechersky Monastery. Visit the ancient city of Novgorod with its Kremlin, Sofiisky Cathedral that houses the miracle Icon of Our Lady of the Sign and many relics of saints. Overnight in Novgorod.
    8 May. Tuesday Travel to the imperial city of St. Petersburg. Tour the palaces of Tsarskoe Selo and the famous School where Pushkin was educated. Overnight in St. Petersburg in the comfortable Hotel Azimuth
    9 May. Wednesday Visit the island fortress city of Kronstadt. The naval cathedral of St. Nicholas brought back to its former grandeur and beauty. Visit the churches of the fortress city made famous by St. John of Kronstadt. Tour the memorial house museum where St. John of Kronstadt. Azimuth Hotel.
    10 May. Thursday Morning Liturgy in one of the beautiful churches of St. Petersburg.
    Tour the famous fortress of St. Peter and Paul where all the tsars and tsaritas are buried, including the remains of the St. Tsar Nicholas and his family. Overnight in the Azimuth Hotel.
    11 May. Friday Liturgy in one of the churches of St. Petersburg. Visit the impressive St. Alexander Nevsky Monastery with the relics of St. Alexander Nevsky. Tour the Hermitage and other cathedrals of St. Petersburg. Overnight in the Azimuth Hotel.
    12 May. Saturday Visit the St. John’s Convent founded by St. John of Kronstadt and other Churches of St. Petersburg. Pray at the grave site of St. Ksenia of St. Petersburg. Overnight in the Azimuth Hotel.
    13 May. Sunday Flight from St. Petersburg home to Toronto.

    Cost of the Pilgrimage: $2,600 (Canadian).
    This includes: air fare, hotel (double occupancy with washrooms), 2 meals per day, comfortable bus accompanying the pilgrimage during the full duration of the pilgrimage, all entrance fees, guides and bus transfers.

    Please contact Rev. Vladimir Malchenko at 416-265-5651 or
    to reserve your place on this unforgettable pilgrimage to the Holy Shrines of Holy Russia.

  • Announcement of Pastoral Retreat of the Diocese of Montréal & Canada. March, 2018

    26 January 2018

    To all the rectors and clergy of the parishes of the Canadian Diocese,
    to all the members of the Diocesan Council of the Canadian Diocese.


    You are hereby informed that, between March 5 and March 7, 2018, at the Russian Orthodox Church of “Our Lady of Smolensk”, 5 Birch Rd, Box 2-6, Jacksons Point, ON L0E 1L0, phone (416) 574-1221, the the Annual Pastoral Lenten Retreat of the Clergy of the Diocese of Canada will be held under my presidency.

    Participation in the Clergy Retreat are obligatory for all clergymen of the Diocese. If, for some important reason, it prove impossible to travel to Jacksons Point on the designated days, we ask that you inform us well in advance, in writing, at the address of the Diocesan Administration, detailing such reasons.

    All the questions regarding arrival and agenda of our meeting may be discussed with Diocesan Council Secretary Rev. Alexis Pjawka, tel. 613-316-98; e-mail:, or with the administrator of the Diocesan Chancellery and my personal secretary, subdeacon Yuri G. Miloslavsky at the above address, phone number, and e-mail address of the chancellery of the Diocesan Administration in Montreal.

    With the questions regarding accommodation in the hotel, or, if possible, in the private homes of parishioners, please contact the rector of the Our Lady of Smolensk parish Rev. Maxim Abroskine, (75 Brule Lakeway Jacksons Point, ON L0E 1L0) at (416) 574-1221 and/or e-mail: We remind you that the cost of living in a hotel for the clergy should be paid by their parishes.

    We remind our clergy that they should bring with them vestments of a lenten (purple) color.

    Below find a tentative agenda for our meeting in Jacksons Point

    Monday, March 5
    3:00 PM Gathering of the participants at the Church of “Our Lady of Smolensk”
    3:30 Coffee/Tea
    4:00 Prayer & Convocation of the Pastoral Meeting.
    6:00 Great Compline
    7:00 Supper

    Tuesday, March 6
    8:45 AM Morning Prayers
    9:00 Breakfast/Coffee/Tea
    9:45 Continuation of the Pastoral Meeting’s Deliberations
    1:30 PM Luncheon & Break
    3:00 Resumption of the Pastoral Meeting. Lecture of Rev. Deacon Andrei
    Psarev (Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary, Jordanville, USA)
    5:00 Prayer rule before Holy Communion
    6:00 Matins & Confession
    8:00 Supper

    Wednesday, March 7
    8:30 AM Greeting of the Bishop; Hours; Hierarchal Divine Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts
    12:00 Luncheon
    1:30 PM Prayer & Departure

    Participants will be informed in greater detail of the sequence of sessions.

    Archbishop of Montréal & Canada
    January 10/23, 2018

  • Water Blessing in Rowdon, Quebec.

    24 January 2018