Celebration of the 400th Anniversary of the Romanov Dynasty

08:29 AM

From the Editors: With the participation of the Russian-Canadian Cultural Education Society, the Russian House of Commerce, the Russian Youth Theater, the Association of Russian Artists and Actors, Prestige Private School, the Sisterhood of Holy Trinity Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia and many other organizations in Ontario, Canada, an organizing committee has been set up for the celebration in Canada of the 400 th anniversary of the Romanov Dynasty, consisting of leading members of our community. Below is the committee ’ s appeal to the Russian Orthodox community:

A grand jubilee in the history of Russia is approaching—the 400th anniversary of the reign of the Romanov Dynasty. We who live in Canada seek to celebrate this date together with our beloved Homeland, four hundred years of the cultural and economic development of our great Russian people. The first challenge is not only to honor the Imperial Dynasty, the church hierarchs, military commanders, diplomats and aristocrats, but to return to our roots, our culture, and our great history. That is why it is especially important that the celebration of the 400 th anniversary be on a first-class level, with beauty, boldly, with characteristic Russian sweep and in all corners of the globe.

With the participation of the Russian-Canadian Cultural Foundation and many other organizations of Ontario, we are preparing a series of special events, proceeds from which will be devoted to concrete charitable programs and towards the dissemination of Russian culture in Canada.

An organizing committee for the celebration of the 400 th anniversary of the House of Romanovs, named the Coordinating Council, to which the most eminent representatives of our compatriots in Canada have been invited, will share their ideas and contribute their time. Canadian citizens of Russian descent are inspired by the fact that the Romanovs are closely related to the present British Royal Family, which heads the British Commonwealth, which includes Canada.

We hope that during the celebrations of this jubilee, charitable work will be the guiding star for our activities, continuing the centuries-old traditions which the Royal Dynasty was renowned for.

The main event will be the celebration of the 400 th anniversary of the end of the Time of Troubles and the reestablishment of Russian statehood, as well as the invitation of Michael Feodorovich to assume the throne as the first member of the Romanov Dynasty.

On behalf of the Coordinating Council, we invite everyone to consider participating in our charitable efforts. This will require great and exhaustive daily work over the entire coming year. Your help for the Coordinating Council can take many forms.

The participation of worthy individuals to this important project will bring its own benefits. For you and your organization, it will promote your cultural, spiritual and moral image. Cultural figures of various opinions and viewpoints, political activists, youth movement representatives and churches will all unite with a single goal, to serve the ideals of good and of mercy.

The personal character of the members of the Coordinating Council ensures success.

Your participation in organizing the events, various presentations and exhibitions, your advice, recommendations and contacts will prove an invaluable contribution towards our common goal, it will strengthen it and guarantee that this effort will earn international recognition.
Some members of the Russian cultural and business elite of Ontario have already expressed their willingness to support this project. We genuinely hope for your help and would be happy to invite new members of the Coordinating Council as a sponsor or member of the press committee. More information can be provided at your request:, or visit our website at www.romanov