• Pilgrimage to the Holy Places of Caucasus.2019

    14 January 2019

    To be published soon.

  • Nativity Epistle of His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion of Eastern America and New York, First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.2019

    4 January 2019

    NEW YORK: January 4, 2018
    Nativity Epistle of His Eminence Hilarion, Metropolitan of Eastern America and New York, First Hierarch of the Russian Church Abroad

    Eminent Brother Archpastors, Honorable Fathers,
    My Dear Brothers, Sisters and Children in Christ:

    Please accept my words of greeting, filled with Christian love, on this great celebration of the Nativity of Christ! With a warm heart I wish you all profound and inalienable peace, heralded by the angels above the town of Bethlehem on that holy night, when “the Word was made flesh” (John 1:14).

    With the holiday of the Nativity of Christ comes the New Year. Time flies, year after year, day after day. Commotion, problems, bad news and complicated times instill in us despondency, alarm and fear of the future, distracting us from committing good deeds, attending to our internal life and relying upon the blessed Providence of God, always unerringly directing man towards true joy.

    In one passage of the Gospel, the Lord says: “But when ye shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not, (let him that readeth understand,) then let them that be in Judaea flee to the mountains” (Mark 13:14). And King David, whose memory is honored on the Sunday after the Nativity of Christ, cries out: “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help” (Psalms 121:1). “Come, let us ascend the mountain of the Lord, even unto the house of our God,” we sing in church.

    Holy Scripture and its wise interpreters: the successors of the Apostles, the Holy Fathers and Teachers of the Church, always saw in the climbing of a mountain the spiritual elevation of man towards God, his active striving for unity with Him, and holiness. The peak of the mountain and the “house of our God” symbolizes the Kingdom of God, the Church of Christ, the place of the living God and His abode with mankind. This is the world of the spirit, of spiritual joy and true bliss in unity with God. Here is our native and blessed land; here is the resolution of all problems which trouble the inner man; here is the eternal salvation of the soul.

    Brothers and sisters, observing world events, let us not fall into despair, alarm and fear, but hasten in a spiritual sense “up the mountain,” so that, girding ourselves with humble gratitude for everything that God sends us, with staff in hand, begin our ascent “to the mountain of the Lord.” Let us to the best of our feeble powers strive for God, uniting our active effort in living by the Gospel with our immersion into the wisdom and the mystical life of the Church, this school of piety, Christian virtues and sanctity, paying no heed to that which distracts us from “the one thing needful” (Luke 10:42).

    It is not revealed to mankind what might befall us over this year. But that is for our benefit and edification. For if man knew in advance of the coming joy, he might resort to complete idleness, making no progress in becoming able to worthily receive the gift of God; at the same time, knowing in advance of his necessary sufferings would be too great a burden. That is likely why the Lord secretes our future from us, teaching us to hope in His Providence, faith, patience and humility.

    Upon this difficult but blessed path let St John (Maximovich) be our intercessor, this great achpastor and miracle-worker of the Russian diaspora, the 25th anniversary of whose canonization we will be ceremoniously marking in 2019.

    I will conclude my greeting to you with his words: “To the Lord lying in a manger, together with praise and laudation, may each of us bring from our heart some good deed. May the joy of the whole world fill the hearts of each of us, scattering earthly sorrows and lifting up our thoughts and strivings to Heaven. From there we hear the joyful herald of the angels: “For unto you is born this day… a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord” (Luke 2:11).
    With love in the Born Christ,

    Metropolitan of Eastern America and New York,
    First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.

  • Nativity epistle of His Eminence, Archbishop Gabriel. 2019

    3 January 2019

    The Most Reverend Archbishop Gabriel
    of Montreal and Canada

    To the clergy and God-saved flock of the Diocese of Canada
    Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ!

    “Christ is born – glorify Him!” – the Orthodox Church sings, and we, Its children, start singing together with It forty days before the Feast of the Nativity of Christ: “Christ is on earth – lift up your hearts!” Yet the world, full of enmity, envy and malice among men even in the day when God and Infant Christ was born, seemed not prepared to Christ’s coming on earth. Only a small flock was deemed worthy to receive Him: His Most Holy Mother, Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary, humble shepherds of Bethlehem, the wise men from the East, who enquired about the star of the King of the Jews in Jerusalem, and came to worship Him, bringing precious gifts.
    And yet, despite their wielding temporal power, their perfidy and cunning, those who “sought the young Child’s life” (Mt 2:20) could not alter God’s will for the Salvation of mankind. The prince of this world’s fight against Christ keeps on going before our very eyes. Last year we remembered one hundred years since the new herodian massacre of the innocents – the murder of the Imperial Family, of their innocent children. This evil deed brought about countless woes, not only for Russia, but for the whole world, including those who, directly or indirectly, were involved in this terrible crime.
    One could say that the salvific event of Christ’s Nativity was accompanied by intermingling of joyous and sad feelings and premonitions. Hence the sign of a scroll that was given to the prophet, with “lamentations, and mourning, and woe” written within it, but that scroll was as sweet as honey in prophet’s mouth (Ez 2:10 and 3:2). And this goes on even today. Thus now we are witnessing attempts of the servants of the prince of this world, who follow in Herod’s footsteps, to vanquish the Church of Christ in the ancient land of Kievan Rus. Yet let us recall the words of one of the great predecessors of His Beatitude Onuphry, Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine – His Beatitude Anthony, Metropolitan of Kiev and Galicia, Abba of the Russian Church Abroad: “Believe me, my beloved, that this very poverty and want which may be throwing your souls into despair, in the future (especially for those whom God would grant to live to see the days of joy) will become a source of comforting reminiscences and a cause of kind feelings towards each other”.
    In the days of Christmas, the Orthodox Christians, giving glory to Him who became a cornerstone for these great events, try to bring joys to each other, no matter how small. These joys remind people of the great spiritual joy of God’s grace that was sent down to us from the manger at Bethlehem. That is why the Church, in the hymns of the Feast of the Nativity of Christ, reminds us of the meaning of the greatest event in the salvation of mankind – God coming down to earth as a Babe: “A strange and most wonderful mystery do I see: the cave is heaven; the Virgin the throne of the cherubim; the manger a room, in which Christ, the God whom nothing can contain, is laid. Him do we praise and magnify”.

    Archbishop of Montreal & Canada
    Nativity of Christ, 2019

  • Visit of Archbishop Gabriel to Holy Trinity Church of Toronto

    26 November 2018

    All-night vigil:
    Divine Liturgy, 100 years Anniversary:
    Divine Liturgy:

  • Parish Feast of the Church of St. Tikhon and New Martyrs of Russia, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada November 16-17, 2018.

    21 November 2018

  • Pastoral Retreat & Assembly Of the Priests & Clergy of the Diocese of Montréal & Canada November, 2018

    19 November 2018

    Pastoral Assembly November 2018
  • St. Herman Youth Conference 2018

    1 November 2018

    2018 St. Herman’s Conference will be hosted by Nativity of the Mother of God Church in Albany, NY
    The parish in Albany, NY is once again pleased to host the St. Herman’s Conference. It is a large parish with a thriving young energetic community many of whom have participated in previous conferences. The conference is a great opportunity to meet other Orthodox youth, to refocus and deepen your spiritual understanding of the church.
    The conference features keynote speakers, small group workshops, clergy question and answer time, and most importantly it also offers an opportunity to meet, talk and exchange stories with others, as you work through some of life’s more difficult moments.
    The conference is open to all Orthodox youth age 16 years and older. The registration fee includes all lodging (quad occupancy), meals and local transportation. The fee for the conference will remain at $300 per person. We are able to offer this rate due to some sponsorship and donations.
    The conference will begin with a travel day of Sunday December 23 with registration beginning in the hotel at 3:00 pm. Airport pickup is available only at Albany International Airport on the 23rd between the hours of 10:00 am and 10:00 pm. The conference will conclude with a morning check-out on Thursday December 27th. Again, delivery to the Albany Airport will be available only between the hours of 8:00 am and 2:00 pm on the 27th. Albany Amtrak station is an alternative arrival/departure location.

    Please send cheques to:
    St. Herman’s Youth Conference
    c/o Rev. George Lagodich
    6783 32 Ave
    Montreal, QC H1T 3C9

    Go to the conference website

  • Parish Feastday at the the Protection of the Mother of God Parish in Ottawa.

    19 October 2018

    On Saturday the 13th and Sunday the 14th of October, the feast of the Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos, Archbishop Gabriel of Montreal and Canada led the divine services for the patronal feastday of Holy Virgin Protection Church in Ottawa, Ontario.

    Concelebrating with the hierarch at the Divine Liturgy was the parish clergy: Priest Alexis Pjawka, and Protodeacon Vasily Milonow, as well as Archpriest Peter Perekrestov (Dean of Holy Virgin Cathedral, San Francisco), Abbott Anthony (Kadyshev) (cleric of the Moscow Diocese), Hieromonk Sergius (Gusakov) and Deacon Daniel Bonev.

    The Gospel was, as is customary in our parish, read in both Church Slavonic and in English.

    Archpriest Peter Perekrestov delivered a sermon, in which he told the story of a successful, beautiful young woman who suffered because she had not experienced the love of her parents, who had given her up for adoption as a child. The priest was able to help the grieving, explaining that in the Church she managed to find both her father’s participation through her spiritual father, help from her brothers and sisters, in the person of the parishioners, and of course, the maternal love that we can all receive from our common mother, the Most Holy Theotokos. Father Peter said that when we come to church, it is important for us not only to ask for our earthly needs, but also to participate in the life of the Church and the parish. Previously, it was customary to tithe, and this is very little, if we give only ten percent of our time and God-given talents to serving the Church.

    Due to the large number of communicants, the Holy Gifts were administered from two chalices. Upon completion of Liturgy, a procession was held around the church.

    There followed an abundant luncheon for all in the Pushkin hall.

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