Pilgrimage announcement 2016

4 January 2016


A pilgrimage to the Holy Land has always been, is and will be the greatest dream for every Orthodox Christian. To be able to venerate sites blessed by the presence of the Saviour, Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, His Most Pure Mother, and the Holy Spirit Which descended on Sinai on Pentecost, is an honour and a gift from God.

The forth pilgrimage to the Holy Land for parishioners of the Canadian Diocese will take place from

MAY 23-JUNE 11, 2016

The Canadian Pilgrimage will be led by our own Archbishop Gabriel of Montreal and Canada.
At this time our pilgrimage will includes the holy places of the Constantinople (Istanbul) from 24th to 27th of May. The group will fly non-stop Toronto to Istanbul on Turkish Airlines (We will return to Toronto from Tel Aviv). Connecting flights from New York, Ottawa, Montreal, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary and other cities are being arranged. The group’s itinerary for the Holy Land is being planned by the nuns of the Gethsemane Convent, who have been organizing such visits for North American pilgrims for many years. Participants will stay at the Mount of Olives Hotel, which is near the Convents of the Mount of Olives and Gethsemane.


    Airfare from Toronto to Istanbul, from Istanbul to Tel Aviv and from Tel Aviv to Toronto
    Ground transportation throughout the Holy Land and Constantinople
    All scheduled visits to holy sites and services, accommodation and meals

Parishioners interested in joining the pilgrimage are asked to contact
Peter Antonoff (410–2855 Bloor St. W., Toronto Ontario, M8X 3A1)
Mobile – 416-407-1102 E-mail:
Please mail your deposit cheques for US $500 payable to the Montreal and Canadian Diocese to Peter Antonoff’s address (410–2855 Bloor St. W., Toronto Ontario, M8X 3A1)