Celebration of the 85th anniversary of the parish off All Saints in Calgary, Alberta.

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On the 7th of June the celebration of the 85th anniversary of the parish of All Saints took place in Calgary, Alberta.

The parish was founded in 1930. Its first priors were Rev. Father Michael Danilchyuk and Rev. Father Theolog (Beskaravayniy). In 1932, after the arrival from Yugoslavia to Western Canada memorable Vladika Bishop Iosaf (Skorodumov), the parish of All Saints started to build a wooden church. In 1934 the building was already finished and blessed by His Grace Vladika Iosaf. In 1953, due to the efforts of the prior of the parish of All Saints at that time – Rev. Father Agey ( Mazuro-Shimko) – the building was considerably extended, and – adjacent to it – a belfry was raised. In 1961 memorable Vladika Bishop Savva (Saratzevich) laid the first stone for the future new masonry building; already in December of 1962 His Grace made a minor consecration of the church, and the very first Liturgy was served there. Rev. Father Archpriest George Primak (the oldest priest of our Canadian diocese – who is still alive and well, and is being retired) had been the prior of the parish of All Saints from year 1985 till year 2011.

On the 7th of June, 2015, a special Divine Liturgy – headed by His Eminence Archbishop Gabriel – was held in the Church of All Saints, Calgary, Alberta. Vladika Gabriel, the Archbishop of Montreal and Canada, came to Calgary in order to participate in celebration of the anniversary of our parish. Multiple clergy of three local parishes took part in the Liturgy and concelebrated with His Eminence: Rev. Father Peter Shashkov, Rev. Father Viktor Kramarenko, Rev. Father Svyatoslav Dubanenko, with Archdeacon Father Vasiliy Milonov, deacons George Misku, Dimitry Grigoryev and Alexandre Savitsky.

Earlier, on the Vigil Hours, a young parishioner of our church – Nickolay Koutaytzev – was ordained a Reader. Kolya has grown up in front of our eyes; for 10 years he has been diligently attending the parish Sunday school that was organized by his mom – Irina Koutaytzev.
He reads excellently in Old-Slavic language and all Vesper and Vigil Services of the Feast of All Saints was read by him, under guidance of Reader Alexey Primak – the son of Rev. Father George Primak, the previous long-term prior of our church (who is now, though being retired, is always present at every service and supports us with his Holy prayers).

The choirs of two parishes – of All Saints and of Saint George, the Great-Martyr, Victory-Bearer and Wonderworker (Red Deer, Alberta) – were charmingly and magnificently singing in turn during all Divine Liturgy.

After the Communion, multiple parishioners and the guests of the parish took part in the Cross Procession around the Church building. After the Liturgy the choir sang “Many years” to all the Hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church, to our Ruling Hierarch – His Eminence Vladika Gabriel, to the clergy of our parishes and their families, to everybody who was attending the Service at that day and those, who were not able to attend, but spiritually was with us on that day.

In His Feast Sermon His Eminence Vladika Gabriel pointed out to the necessity of following the example of Saints and all servants of God, whom we commemorated on that day , never stopping, at the same time, enlightening ourselves with the Light of the God’s Gospels , and bearing this light further on – to all people – through charity work and good deeds.

After the Liturgy everybody was invited to a grand feast that was prepared outside, on the church lawn, by the Sisterhood of the parish of All Saints. The Head Sister Monika Van Royen – on behalf of all parish – gave wonderful “thank-you” gifts to the two recent priors of the parish – to Rev. Father George Primak and to Rev. Father Peter Shashkov and to their Matushkas.

We rejoice at every time our dear Vladika Gabriel visits our parish: His Eminence knows how to find a proper word for everybody, how to cheer up or praise, or to make a clever decision…
During and after the Feast our parishioners had a chance to talk to Vladika and to make better acquaintance with the members of the neighbouring parishes of Saint John Chrysostom (South Calgary) and of Saint George, the Great-Martyr, Victory-Bearer and Wonderworker (Red Deer).

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