Parish Feastday at the the Protection of the Mother of God Parish in Ottawa.

20 October 2016

The Feast of the Protection of the Mother of God in Ottawa

This year the parishioners of the Memorial Church of the Protection of the Mother of God celebrated their parish feastday for four days, beginning on the 13th of October and culminating on Sunday the 16th of October. The festivities began with the all-night vigil on the 13th and the Divine Liturgy on the 14th to mark the feastday of the Protection of the Mother of God.

In the evening of the 14th, a choral masterclass was led by Mother Juliania, a well-known church choir director and composer from the St. Elisabeth Convent in Minsk, Belarus. The masterclass was attended by the choristers of the parish, as well as singers from other Orthodox parishes in Ottawa.

The all-night vigil and Divine Liturgy on Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th of October were presided over by Archbishop Gabriel, the ruling bishop of the Canadian Diocese and rector of the Memorial Church in Ottawa. The following clergy served alongside Archbishop Gabriel: priest Alexis Pjawka, protodeacon Basil Milonow, and deacon Boris Bakhvalov of the St. Elisabeth Convent in Minsk, Belarus. The parish choir, under the direction Julia Krukouskaya, with the participation of Mothers Juliania and Maria from Minsk, sang all of the church services. The parish children’s choir sang the troparion of the feastday in Slavonic and English during the communion of the clergy.

At the end of the Divine Liturgy, a procession of the cross was made around the church. Before the singing of “Many Years,” a diocesan certificate was granted to Igor Jascolt, a long-time member of the parish, for his many years of service to the Church.

After the service all parishioners and guests were invited to the parish hall for a festive meal prepared by the sisterhood.

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